ATC International

Wholesale Pick and Pack

How It Works

  • Products are packed in accordance with ATC’s simple to follow labelling guidelines.
  • Stock is shipped to ATC and information is sent to ATC to input to WMS system.
  • Receipt information is sent to the client as soon as stock is counted and received by ATC.
  • The client inputs orders into ATC’s WMS or ATC imports orders electronically.
  • ATC picks, packs and quality controls the shipping of each order within 24-48 hours from receipt of the order.
  • If additional changes need to be made for a specific retailer or order, ATC can implement (i.e., price ticketing, bar coding, repacking or applying special carton labels).
  • Shipments are dispatched in accordance with client and customer shipping guidelines.
  • WMS system is automatically updated with tracking and order processing information on date of dispatch.
  • Online inventory is automatically updated.
  • Invoices can be sent to the appropriate location either with the order or by mail.
  • ATC liaises with customers and sales agents for quick response to shipping questions.


  • Orders and samples are shipped quickly and locally.
  • With ATC’s online WMS system, the client has access to all warehouse activity, inventory and shipping information at any time of day or night.
  • Using ATC’s toll free customer service hotline, customer shipping or delivery questions are quickly answered.
  • ATC’s negotiated discounts keep domestic freight costs low.
  • Goods produced by separate manufacturers (e.g. from China) can be shipped direct to the US.
  • US Customs clearance is easier and quicker with ATC helping to coordinate the process.
  • ATC will manage EDI, Routing Guides, Vendor Compliance and other complicated processes related to shipping US orders such as UPC barcoding and ASNs.
  • ATC’s established order procedures help to keep costs down and dispatch delays to a minimum.

Get a Quick UPS Shipping Quote

Details on standard UPS shipping rates

UPS (United Parcel Service) is one of the most popular US carriers for shipping wholesale orders of consumer products from warehouse to store. Details on UPS freight rates can be obtained by visiting the UPS website at Click under United States and Rates. Then select “daily pick up”. ATC’s Los Angeles operation zip code is “90745” . To determine rates, you will need the weight of each shipment and dimensions of each carton. These rates do not include ATC’s volume discounts.