ATC International

Business Management

US-Based Business Management Support

US Address & Phone Number

Having a US business base is helpful in many ways, but it is especially important to US customers. Although today most communication is via email, many US buyers and consumers do prefer to work with vendors who have someone based in the US, should the need arise. ATC offers an established US business address, a toll free customer number and mail/ message forwarding service that is activated on an as-needed basis.

Banking & Receivables

ATC offers accurate business banking and check processing with fast deposit services and reliable communication. In addition, ATC will process credit cards, trouble shoot late receivables and recommend service providers available to assist with collections, factoring or establishing a US bank account.

EDI Services

EDI systems in other markets (ie; Australia, New Zealand, UK) are not easily converted to US-EDI systems. ATC has years of experience in managing EDI services and cost effective, established EDI networks. ATC will manage the establishment and ongoing maintenance of both EDI and E-Catalog services and communication quickly and efficiently.

Having ATC handling the EDI requirements helps to ensure that important information is sent accurately and on time, avoiding costly chargebacks or payment delays.

US Import Assistance

ATC works alongside of US customs brokers and international freight companies to ensure that all shipments are cleared through US customs correctly and with minimal delay. Importer of record, tariff codes, US regulatory requirements (such as the US FDA) and documentation concerns are just a few of the areas where ATC can help to ensure that the import process is not disrupted at the last minute.

ATCs valuable advice and experienced guidance through this complex process will make sure that orders are delivered on time and that import costs are kept to a minimum.