ATC International


How It Works

  • Order information is easily entered into ATC’s WMS system.
  • Orders are packed (by store or order) by the supplier using simple ATC labelling instructions.
  • Orders are consolidated into one export shipment and are sent to ATC. Copies of the international documents are emailed to ATC.
  • ATC provides fast answers to US Customs questions and notifies the client upon arrival.
  • Within 24-48 hours, the individual orders are shipped from ATC’s warehouse to the US customer, in guaranteed compliance with the customer’s domestic shipping guidelines.
  • On date of dispatch, the client is notified of tracking info and freight costs.
  • CODs, returns, address changes and cancelled orders are coordinated quickly and correctly.

Benefits of Cross-Docking

  • US Customers are happier to receive goods from a local warehouse instead of as an import.
  • There is an “educated anchor” in the US to assist when problems arise regarding an import.
  • US warehousing costs are incredibly low.
  • Stock is not tied up sitting in a US warehouse.
  • There is no guessing as to what US customers will purchase.
  • US Customs questions are handled by ATC, not the US customer.
  • Import fees are reduced by consolidating international shipments to one location.
  • Wholesale and retail pricing is easier to calculate.
  • US freight costs can be passed onto the customer.
  • Returns are managed affordably.
  • Cancelled orders can be quickly redirected to other customers.